On Monday, six weeks and five says after his surgery, Jack reported to a post-op follow-up meeting with folks at Mayo.

The good news is they gave him a clean bill of health. There are no longer limitations on his activities, and they just want him to check in again in a few months to check for the presence of T-cells associated with myasthenia gravis (MG). His bloodwork shows the presence of some, but he has never shown any symptoms. And nobody’s worried he will, but MG is squirrely and not well understood, so the docs need to be cautious.

The bad news is Jack has now officially lost the ‘sympathy card’ that he dearly loves to play with family and friends. So we ask that he be in your thoughts and prayers while he tried to adjust to this new reality.

This will be the last blog post about Jack’s harrowing 2021 health experience. Jack and Naomi want to thank everyone who sent cards, called, visited, and prayed for Jack’s return to good health.