In these post-George-Floyd times where the apartheid-hiding bandages have been ripped from the eyes of many Americans, people talk about being anti-racist but don’t know how to do it. Even when people are beign anti-racist, it can be hard to see the anti-racist actions they are taking. This afternoon, I encountered one in the software development community.

In a HubSpot tutorial on git for beginners, I ran across this text:

By default, every git repository’s first branch is named `master` (and is typically used as the primary branch in the project). As part of the tech industry’s general anti-racism work, some groups have begun to use alternate names for the default branch (we are using “primary” in this tutorial, for example).

Kudos to these folks! If you want to know how to change the default name of the primary branch of your git repository from ‘master’ (the default) to something less charged (like ‘primary’), here’s the command:

git config --global init.defaultBranch primary

Do it up.