We’re heading into day six, post-operation, and everything is going reasonably smoothly. Jack has experienced no complications. His incision seems to be healing. He’s walking out to the workshop to not lift heavy objects, and he even went out to eat yesterday.

Pain management has been the biggest challenge of recovery so far. Jack’s surgery went deep into his chest and effected the tissues along the procedure’s path as well as those of a lung. Healing has been painful.

Naomi is hanging in there like the stubborn trooper we all know her to be. She’s gotten a refill on Jack’s prescription for the ‘good stuff’ which will be give him a couple additional days of narcotic-based relief.

We all know that Jack’s pain will pass as his body heals. That helps in the abstract, but it doesn’t make the pain filled moment-by-moment days go by any faster.

Thanks for all your thoughts, your prayers, and encouragement. They provide their own kind of relief. But please, stop with the jokes. Jack says, “It hurts when I laugh…hehehehehe….ow.”