Early reports on Jack’s condition this morning are great. He was moving around last night before bed, and his nurses say they will be making him ‘do laps’ today, soon enough.

Jack says he had a ‘rough night’ last night, probably due to post-op pain and all the tubes and lines that connect him to reservoirs and computers. The chest tube has been a particular source of discomfort and pain for Jack, but the nurses are taking it out as this is being written, so that’s some relief for him.

Today there will be a post-op extra to check on the chest (including an X-ray) to see that things are where they belong and that nothing was left inside that should be there. If that all checks out, Jack will likely be discharged around noon to recuperate back at home in Stillwater


All the papers have been signed, bags are packed, and Jack is waiting for the hospital wheelchair to whisk him to the parking lot for the drive home.

If he tells you that he’s prohibited from lifting objects over four pounds for the next two years, don’t believe him. The doc said the restriction is only for two to four weeks.