Jack, Naomi, and Tim arrived at their assigned Mayo Clinic surgical center on time. This is how the day played out. (The page will be updated periodically through the day.)


Arrived. Jack gets checked in, changes, gets an update from some staff, and is ready to go by 7:48am.


The status display in the waiting room says Jack’s procedure started at 9:02am. (You can see the displays at the far end of the waiting room, pictured below.)

Waiting room at the Mayo Clinic surgical center.


The surgery status display says, “The patient’s procedure is starting to close.” We’re not exactly sure what this means, but we assume that the main work is done.

Below is a picture of the status display that keeps Naomi and Tim updated. The picture was taking shortly after 11am. Click on the image to see Jack’s status highlighted.

Status displays.


Mayo reports that Jack has been moved to the recovery area and is waking up.

Status display - waking up.


Dr. Cassivi has spoken with Naomi and Tim and reporting that the procedure went very well.

He started his post-op report by saying, “I removed Jack’s thymoma but I left his sense of humor.” Naomi thought that was great!

The thymoma was relatively early in its growth. Although a thymoma is always regarded as cancerous, this mass was still contained in a sheath from the thymus and was easily removed. It was slightly attached to some lung tissue, so Dr. Cassivi did shave some of that tissue off to remove the mass. Jack will have a drainage tube for this reason, but the doctor anticipated that the tube would be removed soon (maybe tomorrow). Because the thymoma was encapsulated, there will be no need for radiation or chemotherapy.

Jack is still in recovery. It might be a little while yet before he is brought to his hospital room where Naomi and Tim are waiting.


Jack arrived in his hospital room saying, “Feels like my side has been hit by a truck.” The nurse said they will be working on his pain medications and later this evening they will “get him up, walk a bit and have him sit in a chair to eat.”