This week, Jack had four appointments at the Mayo Clinic; three on Tuesday and one on Friday.

On Tuesday, he

  1. had his hearing checked,
  2. endured a muscular test that was worthy of use in the Spanish Inquisition, and
  3. had a kidney ultrasound.

Though they didn’t get official test results, everything seemed to go well.

On Thursday, Jack had appointment with a nephrologist (kidney doctor). Jack reports the visit was a source of good news, and this is a summary of that news:

  • the kidney doc says Jack’s kidneys look good for a man of his maturity,
  • the doc would like to see a bit more recovery (wants the creatinine count, which had hit a dialysis high of 7.7, to fall below 2), but it didn’t sound like that was a pre-condition of the thymoma surgery, and
  • the doc thought Jack’s kidney shock could have been a consequence of the West Nile virus infection.

With that, Jack continues his march toward recovery (he continues to get stronger each day), his thymoma surgery in early July and, his Fall elk hunt in Colorado.