Refoaming my speakers was a perfect time for me to replace the cloth covers on my speaker grills.

A speaker grill with its dirty cloth covering.

A back side of the speaker grill.

After searching for a local source for speaker cloth turned up nothing, I ordered some grey speaker cloth from Amazon. When I ordered, I didn’t know how the shade would compare to the faculty cloth.

While waiting for that cloth to arrive, I removed all the speaker grills from the door and side panels, detached the speaker fabric, and washed the grills with soap and water. I also went to the local Michaels to buy some fabric-to-plastic adhesive; my choices were a Loctite and an E6000 adhesive, in case I ran out of the former.

When the cloth arrived, I set about to replace the cloth covers, but I noticed that the shades of grey were very different.

The cloth I bought is lighter than the factory cloth.

Here’s how the speaker grills would end up looking later in the process.

The speaker cover on the rear DS door panel.

The speaker cover on the rear PS door panel, night shot.

To get them there, I did the following:

  1. roughly cut the speaker fabic so that it would fit over the grill but need to be trimmed back,
  2. applied adhesive1 to the edges of the grill (both sides) and evened the adhesive out with a small brush,
  3. gently and slightly stretching the fabric over the grill, folding it over the edges of the grill and holding it there with small binder clips.

Here is a picture of the last step.

The speaker cover on the rear PS door panel, night shot.

This all seemed to work well.2 There may be a time where I want speaker sloth that’s a better match to my LC’s interior. That’s OK. For now, my speakers look better, and I know how to change the clother covering.

  1. A quick search of the internet suggested that Loctite and E6000 had fabric-to-plastic adhesives that would work well for this project. I got a quantity of each from the local Michaels shoppe. 

  2. If I did this again, I’d use something to minimize the indent that the binder clips would make in the outward-facing side of the speaker grill. Maybe I’d use a slice of parchment paper layered with a slice of cardboard. Maybe I’d do it like this guy did it