Jack would describe the past few days as ‘copacetic’, which might be overstating things a bit, but it’s his way of saying things are fine. He rides an energy roller coaster, with periods of activity broken by periods of rest.

His appetite is slowly returning. He reported that black coffee is starting to taste good to him again, so that’s a relief. We had been worried that he’d start taking his coffee with cream!

Since Jason returned home on Saturday night, Jack hasn’t been as active. Some folks have come over and walked with him, which has been nice, but it hasn’t been running around the property to check stumps, driving to the hanger and Portillos, nosing around the barn, or sorting the tools tools and the jetsam in the workshop. Part of Naomi is thankful that Jack has rested more, but she also sees the value in his vigorous activity.

This morning Jack has a Zoom ‘video appointment’ call with Mayo. The meeting is to talk about Mayo’s triage of his case. A provider from the Division of Thoracic Surgery in Rochester is going to be part of the call. Hopefully this suggests that the conversation will shed light on recommendations for treating (or not treating) Jack’s thymoma. Will they address other aspects of his complicated case? We just don’t know. We’ll post an update here when we have more information.

In the meantime, Jack’s doing marginally better. Early this morning, Naomi cajoled Jack’s doctor into telling her the results from his blood test last Wednesday (May 26th): his creatinine was down to 4.5! (If that rate of decrease continues, his kidneys should be at about 2.5, today. But that’s just a guess. We won’t know without another test.)

Jack and Naomi thank you for your caring and especially for your prayers. Often times during these days we’ve been saying to each other, “All will be well …” and we sincerely believe that.