We understand people are asking how they can send Jack a card, or where they could send flowers, and those sort of caring questions. Here are our answers to those questions right now.

Question: Where can I send a card?

You can send a card to Jack and Naomi’s home address. She will take cards to him on her daily visits. Their address is

10824 Myeron Road North
Stillwater MN 55082

Question: Where can I send flowers?

Jack’s not really big on flowers. And we don’t know where Jack will be in a few days, so it’s probably wisest to hold off on sending this type of ‘thinking of you’ gift until the future is a bit more predictable. We should know more in a few days.

Question: If I have questions about Jack’s health, what can I do?

If you have questions about Jack’s health that are not answered by these messages, you are welcome to email them to Jason Miller at millerj@me.com. Jason will do his best to listen to your questions and provide answers in these updates.