There was an unsuccessful coup the other day. We can’t be smug about its failure. Scholars say successful coups are almost always preceded by an unsuccessful coup or two. So we need to be vigilant. We need to root out the bad actors and use our judicial system to hold them accountable.

This document aims to start a list of people who appear in media as being identified by authorities or armchair sleuths as being in the coup vanguard. This list will be updated as more is known about the actors. In time, this list (if maintained) might be a place that will help others piece together the stories of those who were enthralled by Trump’s lies.

This post begins with this article in the Washington Post that documents some of the first arrests: ``Guns, Brass Knuckles, Homemade Napalm: Read Some of the Documents From Arrests After the Capitol Riot”.

Here is a link to a project started George Washington University Program on Extremism where they are tracking

  • the number of people charged,
  • the charges filed against those arrested, and
  • documents from the court system1 for each individual.

Here’s the link the program’s page.

It also looks like the US Department of Justice has a page for Investigations Regarding Violence At The Capitol. It lists complaints and has links to charging documents and supporting documents.

Individual Participants

Here is an incomplete list of participants in the coup. Links above will be more complete and authoritative. Individuals below are listed in rough alphabetical order. When easy, their state of origin is also listed. After each name is at least one link to information about the individual(s) that has appeared in the popular (online) news media or social media.

  1. 5th District Republican Chair, Melvin Adams, in an email, confirms he and his wife, Sandra Adam’s, a member of Bob Good’s staff, attended the riot in DC on January 6th. Also claims that “antifa members were embedded in the crowd.”: [1],[2]

  2. Ali Alexander, key organizer of Wild Protest: []

  3. Edward Badalian, 26, Los Angeles-area: [1],[2]

  4. ROBERT L. BAUER: [1],[2]

  5. Freedom Caucus Chair Andy Biggs: [1]

  6. Beverly Hills salon owner Gina Bisignano: [1]

  7. Melody Black, Minnesota: [1],[2],at 4:42 in [3]

  8. Matthew Bledsoe: [1], [2],[3]

  9. Larry Brock: [1].[2]

  10. Jenny Cudd: [1]

  11. Tim Davis, Oregon: [1]

  12. Kristopher Dreww and Michelle Peterson, Huntington Beach, CA: [1]

  13. Hunter Ehmke, 20: [1],[2]

  14. NRCC Chair Representaitive Tom Emmer (a two-fer, I guess): [1]

  15. Eduard Florea, 40: [1]

  16. Jacob Fracker: [1]

  17. Simone Gold: [1],[2]

  18. Emily Hartigan-Stein: [1]

  19. EDWARD E. HEMENWAY, II: [1],[2]

  20. William Arthur Leary, owner of Estate Manufactured Housing Corp. located on Route 5 in Utica: [1]

  21. Adam “Podium guy” Johnson, 36, from Parrish, FL: [1],[2]

  22. Olympic swimmer Klete Keller:[1]

  23. Mark J. Leffingwell, 51, of Seattle: [1]

  24. Cody Melby, 39, of Beavercreek, OR: [1]

  25. Aaron Mostofsky, Son of a Brooklyn judge:[1],[2],[3]

  26. Eric Munchel, 30, TN; and Lisa Eisenhart, 57: [1],[2], [3]

  27. Prosecutors unseal charges against Dominic Pezzola, aka Spaz, a Proud Boys members and former Marine who led the charge on the Capitol. [1],[2]

  28. Capt. Emily Rainey, U.S. Army Psychological Operations Officer: [1], resigns

  29. Jason D. Riddle of Keene, NH, a former corrections officer and mail carrier: [1]

  30. Robert Sanford, the retired PA firefighter who has been charged in the DC riot: [1],[2], [3]

  31. Kevin Seefried was arrested in Delaware - confederate flag man - along with his son, Hunter: [1], [2], [3]

  32. John Earle Sullivan, Utah: [1]

  33. Sergeant Thomas Robertson: [1]

  34. Jennifer Ryan:[1]

  35. Peter Stager of Arkansas: [1]

  36. William Watson of Auburn, Ala.:[1],[2]

  37. Mikki Willis: [1]

Kristina Malimon

Chad Rafdal, Jason Hakala, Douglas Eichmann, Jonathan Land, Janice Evans (Victoria White), Molly Wentzel, Larvita McFarquhar, Steve Lahr, Emily Hartigan, and Deron Slater

Melody Black, James Bono, Paul Bergley, Joe Bell, Alleister Voosen, David Hamman, and Jonathan Land’s brother Doyle Land Jr.

[Delco Firefighter]

  1. This year, American’s have been shown that white supremacy and white nationalism runs deep in our society and systems, so we need to be aware of systemic ‘implicit bias’ (if we can call it that) and work to make sure that our courts dispense justice fairly. This won’t be easy.