This morning I finished fixing the hosing in the windshield washer fluid system. K&A Imports in Canoga Park missed the fact that the fluid system wasn’t working. A quick investigation (i.e., pouring fluid into the resevoir) revealed a hole in a rubber hose leading from the resevoir. That lead to the discovery of a second hose in the system severed by the firewall. After replacing those, I found this:


Fixing that was a simpe matter ot replacing some easy-to-reach hose. And that fixed the problem. Now I need to figure out how to aim the nozzles a bit better.

Other LC-related tasks on my list:

  1. get the timing belt and transfer case looked at

  2. address some upholstery problems (holes and small rips) to stop them from becoming a bigger problem,

  3. looking for salvage yards that might have compatible rigs with some plastic parts I need to replace (e.g., lid to fusebox under the hood, cover for compartment on passenger side of the 3rd row seating, tie-down ‘wingnut’ piece that covers a screw in the cargo area)

  4. working up the courage (and saving the money) for stereo upgrade

  5. adding a simple aux battery to the rig; running some outlets for USB chargers

  6. converting some interior lights to LEDs

  7. find some folks in my local area (Ventura County) who are interested in some day trips to trails in the Los Padres Wilderness or surrounding areas. I want to meet some people and strengthen some trail driving skills so I can overland camp with confidence with my rig

  8. tires are getting worn, so need to consider replacing them with something that balances smooth road ride, fuel efficiency, and effectiveness for overland camping (which isn’t the same as rock crawling)

  9. remove the airfoil and consider removing the roof rack

  10. remove the running boards and, perhaps, replace with sliders