My three-day science, math, and writing camp experience for thirteen and fourteen year-olds is behind me. Reimbursement requests, invoicing, and report-writing still hang out on my to do list. But this afternoon, I decided to use the last of my helium to send another trio of balloons into the sky over my home. With my daughters (pictured above) assisting me.

It’s hard to say what they got out of it. We talked a bit about helium and buoyancy, but mostly they helped with some of the mechanical things like winding the balloons up to and down from the sky with my drill rig. Doing little things like this, I hope, will give them the confidence to use their hands to make, break, and build things. And to learn from that process. Just I like I’ve learned so much from this process of preparing this campus experience for those 28 Kansas City kids who hope to go to college in five years.