Sad news. Today we were demo’ing our helium balloon satellite imaging system with some new ‘unbreakable’ string with the GoPro HERO camera mounted on the gondola. It was a slightly breeze day, and the winds pushed the balloons firmly away from us. As we let the strings wind out, the balloons rose and before we knew what it meant, they were over a huge oak tree. Thinking that slack would help the balloon rise, we let out string, The balloon descended as the winds pushed it. Then the string went slack. And that balloon rig floated away with our camera taking one picture per second.

So, if you find our camera, please let us know. We’ll pay to have it shipped back from us.

Last seen, the balloon rig was ascending slowly and heading northeast. The trio of balloons are red, just as pictured in several previous posts (here, here, and here).

Please let your friends in north Missouri, South Iowa, Southwest and Central Illinois know about our plight. If you or anyone finds our rig, please let us know at or