In the `90s, the nerds on the internets were all concerned about the automated sniffing of email text being carried out by Echelon, the NSA’s signals intelligence collection and analysis network. Many people started adding terms to email footers that were believed to trigger Echelon. There were Echelon Days identified for this effort. People wrote scripts that appended trigger words to every email they sent.

Today, I saw this post about the annoying footers that we’re getting in emails from lawyers, Universities, businesses, and other haughty organizations. You know the footers.

In the event that this email is protected by client-attorney privilege and you are neither the attorney or client, you must delete the email under penalty of law.” There are all sorts of variations on this.

The post I just linked strongly suggests that these appendices are not legally binding. Most people ignore them.

So, I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to have a script that would generate parodies of such footers. I have a TextExpander snippet that automagically appends a thoughtful quotation to the bottom of personal emails. Wouldn’t it be fund to have a script appended nonsense corporate-speak footers, too? What footer would you include in the selection for that script?