Just found a cool tool that saved me an hour (or more) of hand entry of data into my OS X Address Book. <p /> I’m a college mathematics teacher, so each term I get a set of roster spreadsheets for my classes. Because I use email heavily, I like to put those rosters into my laptop’s address book (OS X Snow Leopard). This allows me to group student contacts by class, and such. I think past, I used MailPictures (which you can find at http://bit.ly/arfpYz, but development of the app seems to have stopped) to help learn student names more quickly, which added value to having their contact information in my address book.

With 140+ students to transfer from the spreadsheets to my address book, I looked for a labor saving tool and found Abee 2.0.8 (from here http://bit.ly/dtp6DY). This easy-to-use tool made short work of the import, and I look forward to using it again next term.