All this time, I though the success of for-profit Universities was based in the way they gave students individual attention, and supported them as their pursued their degree or certificate program. I guess I was wrong. It seems like many for-profit Universities are succeeding on the basis of lies and fraud:

According to the report, the colleges in question were chosen because they got nearly 90 percent of their revenues from federal aid, or they were in states that are among the top 10 recipients of Title IV money.

How did they do this? Well, through advice for filing financial aid forms (like the FAFSA):

At one college in Texas, a recruiter encouraged the undercover investigator not to report $250,000 in savings, saying it was “not the government’s business.”

They also gave career awareness advice:

According to the report, courses in massage therapy and computer-aided drafting that cost $14,000 at a California for-profit college were presented as good values, when the same courses cost $520 at a local community college.

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