Here’s an example of the topic of #hackedu rearing its head in non-academic settings. In this case, it’s a tech podcast.

On This Week in Google, episode 23, the crew (Leo, Gina, and JEff) are talking about things that Google should do in 2010. Talk turns to markets that are ripe for Google-ization, and one of the markets that comes up is the education market.

So, at about the 50 minute mark in the podcast, the discussion turns (for about five minutes) toward this topic. Someone shares a desire to have Google wade into education by providing a course management system like Moodle “because Blackboard sucks.” By the 52 minute mark, talk turns to the idea that the model of pedagogy (fostering student learning) in higher education is antiquated, and that technology is poised to revolutionize Universities.

By minute 56, this topic has fizzled and the crew turns to other things.</p> <p /> <p>Here’s a link to the podcast itself: