So, I’ve had on my todo list for some time the creation of a collection of podcasts that I find interesting or that would be of interest to students (college or high school) in science or mathematics. I could spend hours in iTunes listening to TED talks, NYC Radio Lab, This Week in Science, and making notes on dead trees. Then I could revise and refine the thoughts in those notes and create a nice web page with a list of links, quick review-like comments and encouragements, and put that out into the wild.

Instead, I’m going to skip the dead-tree thing. I’m going to skip the revising and refining thing. And the organization thing, that’s for perfectionists. Instead, I’m going to listen and then throw recommendations to this site. Postings will get zapped to some other social networking sites, who might then suggest other sources of good STEM podcasts episodes.

This activity, which might take a few days or it might take a year, are meant to support my STEM talent expansion efforts at Truman State University. I’m not trying to drive gratuitous traffic to this site. I’m trying to assemble material that will support efforts to drive traffic to the student of science and mathematics.

I’m going to start with a favorite by Ze Frank.

In this vidcast, Ze vamps on ideas, and what he says is food for thought for everyone. “The best way to not run out of ideas is to not execute them when you have them.” He makes several funnies about this, which are deep thoughts, too. All this happens in the first 1.75 minutes, which makes this a nice quick experiences.

BEWARE: at about 1.75+epsilon, Ze begins a NSFW song. If you don’t like the f-word, you might want to stop watching the vid there.